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Auto Body Repair | Best Car Body Repair Shop in Brooklyn, NY

The best auto body repair in New York City doesn’t let you drive off the premises until they’re sure you’ll be safe. While auto body repair very often has more to do with the appearance of your vehicle than its operational safety, there are so many variables involved.  You need a trained, experienced technician to complete your repair job thoroughly. At, that’s exactly what you get. If you’ve been in an accident or even a minor scrape, visit the Brooklyn location for a free auto body repair estimate. Call if you need a free tow to the shop.

What Does Auto Body Repair Entail?

Auto body repair focuses on fixing or replacing the parts of your car’s chassis or body. Auto body repair doesn’t normally involve repairing operating mechanical portions such as your brakes, transmission or steering and suspension system — although sometimes, it’s also required to get you back on the road safely. If you’ve had an auto collision, your vehicle probably suffered some level of damage to the:

During the car body repair process, your technician performs a thorough evaluation of your vehicle to determine the extent of the damage. Once they’ve identified all the items that require fixing, they’ll provide you with a free auto body repair estimate. Every repair uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

What Types of Issues Require Auto Body Repair?

The auto body repair services of eAutoCollision address a number of issues you may have with your vehicle. While the extent of your vehicle’s damage can range from mild to severe, auto body repairs tend to fall into one of several categories, including:

  • Vandalism from a key or inadvertent contact with a random object such as a grocery store cart scratches your vehicle’s paint. Touch-up paint is sometimes all that’s needed to fix scratches. The technicians at eAutoCollision are experts at color matching your vehicle’s paint.
  • More serious than a scratch, scrapes result from the contact between cars when at least one of them is in motion. While there may be minimal damage to the body, scrapes often require delicate car body repair and painting.
  • Small dents or dings to your car’s body usually result from a slight collision with another vehicle or object. They can even happen in parking lots when opening a door too close to another vehicle. Repair work is generally minimal, and if there was no damage to the paint, paintless dent repair is a possibility.
  • More severe than a ding, larger dents happen when an accident with another vehicle occurs at a higher speed. Alternatively, you may have run into a tree or utility pole. The impact of this encounter either breaks or crumples parts of the car body’s exterior. If your bumper is damaged, grinding, sanding, sculpting and painting may be necessary for it to look right and protect your car.
  • Weather damage. Hail, flooding and the sun’s rays can all punish your car’s exterior. The oxidation from sea air and winter road salt may lead to rot and require auto body rust repair.
  • Bent frames. The frame is your vehicle’s structural support system. It’s the foundation on which the rest of the car depends, so you must correct any damage. Though usually confined to more severe accidents, damage to the frame can occur in minor ones too. The best auto body repair shops like eAutoCollision take care to return your frame to its original condition and make sure no other, unseen damage occurred.

Where Can I Go for Auto Body Repair in New York City?

Serving Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan since 1999, eAutoCollision offers you 24-hour towing if you need it. They also offer assistance dealing with your insurance company, should you need it, with services that include:

Whatever the cause of your auto body damage, you need the best auto body repair shop possible. Certified by original equipment manufacturers and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), the technicians at eAutoCollision are qualified to repair your vehicle.

eAutoCollision is the highest-rated auto body repair shop in New York City. They even offer a nationwide 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty on all repairs. Contact them today to get your free auto body repair estimate.

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