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While it’s not possible to pick the most important part of your vehicle, the tires certainly are near the top of the list. You won’t get anywhere without them. Of course, you can say that about many functional car parts. Fortunately, tires are one of the easiest car parts to repair or replace.  Your reliable auto repair shop in Brooklyn provides expert tire services in addition to taking care of all your vehicle’s needs. At, you get fast, quality tire repairs and more. Call the shop today for a tire inspection and to set up a schedule of regular maintenance to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Why Are Poor Tires So Bad?

The tires of your car are always in contact with the road. If they aren’t in good shape, chances are you’re not going far. Consider that low-quality tires:

  • Increase the risks of skidding and hydroplaning
  • Cause your car to underperform
  • Lead to lost fuel efficiency
  • Increase wear and tear on other parts of your vehicle

You can get tire repair, tire rotation and tire balancing almost anywhere, but when you rely on the professionals at, you get the services for a fair price. Instead of going to a specialty tire shop, check in with the trusted pros at eAutoCollision who can do it all — even sell you quality new tires if you need them. With regular preventative maintenance and auto repairs when necessary, eAutoCollision is your one-stop shop to keep you on the road.

What Is Tire Rotation and Tire Balancing?

Tire rotation is the part of preventative maintenance. It involves taking off your tires and putting them onto different wheels. This spreads out the wear and tear because each wheel faces the road at a slightly different angle.

Tire balancing means that the wheel with the tire is made to have an even weight at every point on its surface. Experts recommend that tires be balanced and rotated around every 7,000 miles. This helps with:

Through these and other preventative maintenance procedures, like oil changes and tune-ups, the team at eAutoCollision keeps you safely on the road while getting the most out of your tires.

Can Tires Be Repaired?

The technicians at eAutoCollision can repair a tire, depending on how much it’s been damaged and how worn the tread is. Tire repair includes:

  • With a leak, a tire has to be taken off and examined in water to find the hole. The air bubbles give the leak away.
  • Most holes can be plugged, but not if they’re too big or there are too many of them. Plugged tires are safe to drive on.
  • A patched tire, though, is weaker and liable to blow out, so it’s not recommended that you drive on a patched tire for the long term.
  • Issues like tread wear or dry rot usually can’t be repaired.
  • If a tire is warped or deformed, it may be possible to repair it, but again it depends on how much damage it’s sustained.

The tire experts at eAutoCollision help you evaluate your safest and most cost-effective options. They’re specialists and provide tire repair and sales for:

Why Should I Repair My Tires?

There are costs for neglecting tires, and there can be benefits for keeping them well maintained. Tires in poor condition can damage your car or even cause an accident. In addition to putting your health and the health and safety of your passengers at risk, damaged and worn tires can lead to additional repairs, such as:

The experts at eAutoCollision can help you with all of these repairs. But preventative maintenance saves you money while promoting your safety.

What Are the Benefits of Repaired Tires?

You don’t always have to buy new tires when yours are damaged. Tire repair is worth the small investment. In addition to protecting you and your vehicle, tire repair helps you with:

  • Tire longevity
  • Balanced wear and tear
  • Improved safety
  • Better handling
  • Less stress on your driveline

With the help of the technicians at eAutoCollision — NYC’s highest-rated auto shop that serves all the boroughs — you can keep your tires and the rest of your car in tiptop condition. Contact this full-service shop today to get your tires inspected and expert care and advice, no matter what type of vehicle service you need.

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