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Power Steering Flush | Power Steering Fluid Change in Brooklyn, NY

Power Steering Flush in Brooklyn, NY

Ever have trouble getting your steering wheel to take a tight corner? Does the noise your steering wheel makes drown out the radio? You’re probably due for a power steering fluid flush.  By this time, you also may need to replace belts and hoses corrupted by dirty steering fluid. When you rely on the expert technicians at for regular preventative maintenance, you know they check your vehicle’s fluids every time. If you’re new to NYC or haven’t yet met the top-notch Brooklyn team, call eAutoCollision for a power steering flush.

Why Should I Get a Power Steering Fluid Change?

The best way to keep your vehicle in good running condition is to commit to scheduled preventative maintenance. When you think of preventive maintenance, you probably think of:

While you may not think of flushing the power steering system, it’s every bit as vital as the rest. It doesn’t have to be done at every maintenance service, but it helps your steering operate smoothly and efficiently without problems.

Consult the experts at for care of your power steering system, along with any other service your vehicle requires. They’re a trusted automotive service provider in Brooklyn, serving all five boroughs of New York City. For maintenance and repair solutions throughout the life of your car, trust eAutoCollision to satisfy all your automotive needs.

What Are Some Signs I Need a Power Steering Flush?

The power steering system helps you enjoy effortless steering of your vehicle, especially at low speeds or when maneuvering into parking places. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual may recommend having power steering fluid changed at regular intervals to prevent stiff steering. But some of the signs that it may be past time for a steering fluid flush include:

  • It takes more effort than usual to turn the steering wheel
  • There’s a subtle burnt aroma caused by heat-damaged fluids
  • The steering pump gets noisy, which may be caused by contaminants in the fluid
  • The color of the fluid appears dark brown or black
  • You can see debris or particles in the fluid

If your power steering fluid gets dirty, it may damage other components of your power steering system. It’s a good idea to inspect the fluid at least twice a year, and to consult your technician at eAutoCollision if your power steering system doesn’t seem to be functioning as well as it should. The system does get checked regularly when you rely on the highest-rated NYC repair shop to do your annual tune-ups.

How Is a Power Steering Flush Service Done?

You can’t easily perform a power steering system flush on your own. You need a trained professional with the right tools. The process to flush power steering system fluids involves several steps, including:

  1. Drain the system completely, which may take some time due to the viscosity of the liquid.
  2. Use a powered flushing machine to force out any contaminants or remaining residue from the system.
  3. Circulate fresh, high-quality fluid, designed for your vehicle, through your steering system.

You may be able to drain the fluid and replace it, but if there are any contaminants or leaks, you can’t easily locate them. Trained technicians always check for any system leaks and inspect the condition of all rubber hoses that may break down from the heat generated. They’ll let you know if any of these components need attention as well.

Where’s the Best Place to Go for a Power Steering Fluid Flush?

You get much better results from a power steering flush done by the skilled professionals at eAutoCollision. They’re certified to work on:

Contact the technicians at eAutoCollision to provide quality service on personal and fleet service cars, SUVs and trucks in the New York City area. They have access to manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as the expertise and the tools, to perform both major and minor repairs, including a steering fluid flush. They offer a nationwide 12-month, 12,000 mile warranty on all repairs. You can count on them to do quality workmanship at fair prices.

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