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Electric Vehicle Repair in Brooklyn, NY

Since your electric car, truck or SUV saves you so much money on gas, you have the resources to take care of the rest of the vehicle.  And electric vehicles thrive when you take them to an electric car repair shop with experienced OEM-certified technicians. In Brooklyn — and serving all the New York City boroughs — you’ll find trained experts in electric car maintenance and repair at Take care of your valuable vehicle by calling today for a maintenance or repair appointment.

Does My Electric Vehicle Need Maintenance?

Electric vehicles are getting more popular as a great way to save gas money and protect the environment. It may seem like they don’t need any regular work done, but that’s not the case. On a regular basis, electric vehicles still need electric car preventative maintenance that includes:

The technicians at are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). They’re also OEM-certified, which means that they’re trusted by the original equipment manufacturers to work on their foreign and domestic cars and parts. eAutoCollision techs service your electric vehicle as well as any dealership — even better and for a much better price — so that you can get the most out of your clean ride.

Do Electric Vehicles Need More or Fewer Repairs?

You may think that electric vehicles don’t need as many repairs, but the truth is they just need different types of repairs. For example:

  • Electric vehicles often need tire repair or new tires way more often than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles.
  • Electric cars and trucks have a greater need for efficient cooling systems.

You can balance these requirements against not needing engine repairs or oil changes. At the same time, electric vehicle repairs do require special attention to safety and tools. That’s why you must find a local NYC electric car repair shop that has the necessary experience and tools, such as:

  • Knowledge of the cable location
  • Insulated gloves and tools
  • Sensitive volt meter
  • Non-metal work bench
  • Wheel dollies
  • Protective glasses

The technicians at eAutoCollision have a special understanding of the needs of electric vehicle repair. And all of your repairs are covered under a nationwide 12,000-mile, 12-month warranty.

Do I Need to Worry About My Battery?

Electric vehicles are centered around a battery pack rather than the engine. Most electric vehicle batteries are expected to last for around 100,000 miles, but you may need electric vehicle repair during that time. There are good ways to take care of your battery, such as:

  • Not letting the charge go much above 80 percent
  • Recharging before the battery reaches a low of 20 percent

Technicians at the highest-rated electric car repair shop in New York City help you determine how your battery is doing and whether it may need to be replaced. Detecting battery issues early on ensures that your car doesn’t get damaged. Even in the worst of situations, eAutoCollision provides 24-hour towing services in case you get caught in a tough situation with a malfunctioning battery.

What Other Repairs May an Electric Vehicle Need?

If you get in an accident and damage your bumper, there’s little difference in the repair process required for an electric vehicle versus a gas-powered vehicle. At eAutoCollision, experienced technicians produce consistently high-quality work for your personal or fleet service electric cars, trucks and SUVs.

With a dedicated paint spray booth that’s been designed specifically for high-quality, high-speed production, you get the best quality and a fastest turnaround when you want to refresh the car’s exterior or following auto body repairs. Ask about the top-quality services at eAutoCollision for:

The experts at eAutoCollision can also help you to get to know your electric car’s ins and outs. Contact eAutoCollision for cost-effective services in one of the best electric car repair shops in New York City. They serve Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island and Queens and offer free towing for customers to their Brooklyn facility.

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