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Brake Fluid Flush in Brooklyn, NY – Full Brake System Flush

Brake Fluid Flush in Brooklyn, NY

Bleeding the brakes to remove air bubbles is one way to stop minor brake problems. But to be thorough, consider adding a brake fluid flush to your regular maintenance schedule so you don’t have to worry about brake fluid levels or debris getting in the way of safe braking.  The top-rated technicians at provide this service as part a regular tune-up when it’s needed. Call the team to set up an appointment specifically to have your brake system completely flushed.

Is a Brake Fluid Flush Important?

You may know that some fluids in your vehicle need to be periodically inspected and flushed. One type of fluid that doesn’t get as much attention as it should is brake fluid. Preventive maintenance includes different types of fluid services, such as:

A brake fluid flush performed as recommended by your owner’s manual or at the first sign of trouble helps prevent braking problems. When you want the recognized experts for auto repair, regular, preventative maintenance or repairs after an auto collision in the New York City area, consult the skilled technicians at They’re your dealer alternative because they do quality truck and car repairs, as well as routine maintenance, such as a brake line flush.

What Does Brake System Flush Involve?

At eAutoCollision, your brake system flush follows a series of steps, including:

  1. Draining all the fluid in your brake system
  2. Filling it with a liquid that removes any build-up in the line
  3. Flushing that liquid out of the brake line
  4. Adding fresh brake fluid, appropriate for your vehicle’s make and model
  5. Testing the functionality of your brakes before returning it to you
  6. Giving your vehicle’s braking system a completely fresh start

Your brake fluid is in a sealed system, but It can still be exposed to moisture and contaminants through parts of the brake system, like the hoses. A brake system flush is similar to flushes done for other systems of your vehicle, such as your cooling system or transmission. A flush isn’t the same thing as bleeding your brakes, which involves just removing a small portion of the brake fluid that contains air bubbles.

When Do I Need a Brake Flush Service?

Different models of cars and trucks may have different recommendations regarding when the brake fluid needs to be flushed. Guidance varies anywhere from every few years to every 50,000 miles or more. Some signs you may notice that it’s time for a brake flush service include:

  • The brake pedal feels spongy
  • You need a greater distance to stop the car
  • The brake fluid looks black, dark brown or has particles in it
  • You notice low brake fluid levels
  • A warning light for your brake system lights up or starts flashing on your dashboard

If your owner’s manual isn’t clear on this topic or if you’re not sure whether you need a brake system flush, consult an expert in the field. You can count on the guidance given by your eAutoCollision mechanic. He wants only the best for you and your vehicle.

Rely on the OEM-certified technicians at eAutoCollision for your regular maintenance. They check the brake fluid during every tune-up. This type of attentive inspection ensures you don’t go too long with dirty brake fluid, putting you, your passengers and your vehicle at risk. Let them know as soon as you notice any strange noises or signs of worsening performance by your brakes in between tune-ups.

What Should a Brake Fluid Flush Cost?

Brake fluid flush costs vary based on the make and model of the vehicle you drive and the kind of brake fluid that’s put into your vehicle. The amount of time needed is usually not long, so in most cases, a brake fluid flush is a reasonably priced form of preventive maintenance.

Some makes and models require additional expertise. The certified National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) technicians at eAutoCollision are experienced working on the brakes for:

For quality workmanship at fair prices, contact your local service center in Brooklyn. eAutoCollision serves all five New York City boroughs. Whether you need a brake fluid flush or a major repair, you can always feel confident that your vehicle gets the best auto service possible. Get a 12-month, 12,000-mile nationwide warranty to back that up, too.

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