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Auto Body Paint Shop in Brooklyn

auto body shop in Brooklyn

Minor scrapes and dents typically just need the fine touch of a professional who can get the right color match to completely erase any appearance of the scratch. But when your car has been in an accident, has seen its share of body repair without a fresh coat of paint or has just become weathered from the elements, you may need a complete makeover.

The auto body paint experts at have been painting vehicles in the New York City area since 1999. They’ve perfected the science of auto painting. Retain your vehicle’s original beauty and improve its resale value with an expert paint job nearby in Brooklyn.

eAutoCollision Painting & Auto Body Shop offers high-quality painting services at a reasonable price. For dentless touchups and affordable Auto Painting, visit the best-rated car paint, auto body shop near Brooklyn. Call today.

What Is Auto Body Painting?

Auto body painting refers to a thorough repainting of your automobile’s exterior instead of touch-up painting, detailing, or scratch repair. During this type of car paint repair, your auto body paint expert repaints your vehicle’s exterior after first repairing any damage.

When performing a touch-up, you don’t want to disturb the existing paint. But when the complete painting is required, your auto body pros need to thoroughly prep the part requiring new paint. The process follows several steps:

  1. Dent repair. If your vehicle has suffered dents due to a collision, your auto body and paint shop technician checks for damage and fixes all dents. Common parts damaged in an accident include:
  2. Using progressively finer grades of sandpaper, experienced auto body paint technicians remove as much of the existing paint as possible to get a new, clean surface. You’ll get the best results when they sand down to the bare metal and apply a new primer.
  3. Once your technician sands down to the metal, he applies a primer to the vehicle’s surface. Primers form a bond between the metal and the paint used on top of it. After your eAutoCollision technician, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), has coated the metal with primer, he sands the rimer coat to make sure it’s smooth enough to host the paint evenly.
  4. Choosing, or rather creating, the correct paint color is part of this step to get the desired appearance. Your eAutoCollision technician expertly matches your existing color using a device called a spectrophotometer. Once he’s matched your existing paint, he employs the most advanced high volume, low pressure (HVLP) paint gun to apply a new coat of perfectly matched paint.

What Kind of Paint is Used for Paint Auto Body Painting?

An expert auto body paint shop like eAutoCollision uses only the highest quality paints for your automobile. The two most common auto paint choices are:

  1. Urethane. Offering a versatile appearance, urethane is a double-stage solvent-based paint. While more toxic than acrylic paints, urethane auto body paints are more durable. Your eAutoCollision technicians can also mix them to create a matte hue, so a clear coat is unnecessary. However, the paint scratches more easily without a clear coat.
  2. Acrylic. Water-based acrylic paints take longer to dry than urethane paints, perhaps as long as 48 hours. On the positive side, they’re less toxic and more environmentally friendly.

After your auto body paint shop applies a clear coat finish, both paint types provide years of protection for your vehicle’s surface. Their paint spray booth is designed specifically for high-quality, high-speed production. You get the best quality and a faster turn-around. You can rest assured that your car paint repair job can withstand the NYC elements.

What Kinds of Cars Do You Paint?

The OEM-certified technicians at eAutoCollision are trained to paint and repair most foreign and domestic vehicles, including:

Located in Brooklyn, this top-rated auto paint shop has served the greater New York City area — including Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island — since 1999. If your vehicle needs auto painting, contact eAutoCollision or visit our Brooklyn auto paint shop for a free estimate to get your car looking as good as new.

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